Dynamic Discounting

Leverage the power of dynamic discounting to better deploy the corporate treasury funds and increase the EBITDA or ROC. Priority Vendor offers fully automated early payment programs to help enterprises enjoy higher returns through cost savings, and for suppliers to unlock working capital whenever required to power up their business growth.

With over 85,000 suppliers already on the platform, we offer quick, effective and hassle-free implementation.

Our proprietary AI-powered algorithm comes up with the optimum cash discount rate, after analysing the big data sets comprising micro and macro factors specific to the supply chain. Suppliers can simply log in and opt for early payment by accepting the cash discounts, without any collaterals or tedious paperwork. Through digitalisation and a multi-lingual supplier support team, we enable seamless invoice discounting.

This solution provides businesses with a completely secure, risk-free means for unlocking profitability while investing in their own business. Yielding returns averaging 15% on early payment to suppliers, our corporate treasury solution has proven to be a lucrative alternative to short term investments.

  • Seamless Integration

    Easy and quick implementation made possible by seamless integration with Corporate ERP

  • Built for Success

    Our proprietary algorithm offers best rates, increasing the value of invoices being discounted

  • Reliable Investment

    Enjoy an average of return of 15%, while investing in your own supply chain

  • Better Control

    End-to-end digital solution allows the corporates and suppliers to have visibility throughout the process